What does arrears mean in refering to child support payments?

On the child support website, it says my sons father has 00 in arrears. Is that the back child support he owes? Thanks!

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  1. GeorgiaM says:

    Yes, that is what it means. Arrears means the unpaid money that’s late.

  2. zaphod73@att.net says:

    Arrears is another word for "behind".

  3. Joel W says:

    If you fail to pay the child support as the Court orders you to, and fall behind, you are in arrears.

    Yes. He is in arrears by $1,300. Keep in mind that he may have lost his job.. he may not have the rent for his own place. Do this carefully, because while the courts want that support paid where it can be paid, they fully understand what the economy is doing, and you could look very bad if you don’t display you understand what is happening.

    I would really recommend you start looking for a job if you don’t have one.

  4. JUSTME says:

    Yes you got it so go after him

  5. You asked so... says:

    Arrears = back or unpaid child support.

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